Even as uncertainties still lurk in most industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost half of Australian businesses are optimistic and are increasing headcount in 2021.

Business leaders quickly adjusted to the workplace challenges by implementing flexible or remote work setup, digitisation and digital transformation, and improvement procedures on internal communication. Job seekers need to carefully consider these new workplace policies and procedures that impact salaries and level the competition. They also need to stay informed about salary trends to pick the best career path.

Shane Perry, Max Funding financial expert notes, “Workplace flexibility emerged as one of the topmost company strategies benefitting both the company’s continued operation while allowing employees to work from home during the lockdowns. Most businesses expressed to continue the set-up but with a combination of remote work and at the workplace as the pandemic eases.”

Technology is also pivotal to the operations and advancement of businesses in 2021. Job seekers need to be familiar with communication tools for real-time communication, cloud storage, and file-sharing to access company files anywhere.

The economy went downhill due to the pandemic and only a few sectors remained unaffected. Amidst the challenges, the technology, financial services, and construction industries continued to hire talents and offer higher-paid roles.

On the other hand, workers who have been laid off from their previous jobs have to take advantage of upskills to be prepared for new work arrangements. A more skilled worker would also more likely to get higher pay. To kickstart job applications, aspirants should look into the country’s highest-paid jobs in 2021.

We have listed the top ten highest paying jobs in Australia in 2021, reported by IDP.

As the demand for technology surges, most of the highest paid jobs are in the IT sector. Companies have started to invest in IT solutions for digital products. Construction industries, along with the medical field, also joined the top spots.

1. IT Systems Architect

Average salary: AUD 139,690

2. Engineering Manager

Average salary: AUD 132,350

3. IT Manager

Average salary: AUD 125,660

4. IT Security Architect

Average salary: AUD 124,190

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: AUD 118,820

6. Cloud Engineer

Average salary: AUD 111,590

7. Construction Manager

Average salary: AUD 111,390

8. Wellbeing Manager

Average salary: AUD 110,520

9. Doctor/Physician

Average salary: AUD 103,400

10. Data Scientist

Average salary: AUD 99,510

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Author: Jett Hayes

Jett Hayes is a freelance writer based in Sydney with a special interest in content marketing.

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