By Janine L Phillips

So, 2024. It’s the middle of the year and I’m already overwhelmed. So much information. So many sources and resources being shared daily, often several times a day. I receive news story emails all the time at work and home. I read stories on LinkedIn, I watch videos on various social media outlets and I’m bombarded with news – true and potentially untrue – and I fall into the vortex where time disappears, along with a bag of chocolate-coated peanuts (don’t judge).

I know we have a choice what we consume however as a learning designer I need to know what’s going on in the world of business and tech. It’s moving faster than a bullet train so I have to keep up, or become obsolete. Which is why I’m writing this article – so maybe my voice may live on.

Sometimes, I’m so exhausted I need time out! I make a cup of tea, sit on the couch (leaving my phone and laptop far away) and pick up an actual book just to feel, dare I say, normal. Yes, I’m old school. I love the smell of books, the feeling of it in my hands. The anticipation as the story unfolds with each flick of a page. Yes, it’s a lifetime love-affair.

Now we’re in the world of Artificial intelligence (AI). I guess we’re all a little nervous about it. There’s a lot of concern out there and justifiable so. Are we at risk of a robot taking our jobs?  ChatGPT, Chatbot, Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Gemini…all became a source of conversation. I knew I had two options;

  1. put my head in the sand, or
  2. jump in.

I chose the latter.

With AI, I discovered it’s not all doom and gloom (I know! Maybe it will be in the future? But we aren’t there yet). I wanted to look at the positives; it’s here, so let’s play. Let’s see if we can work together. There will always be a need for me, the human, to curate training; carefully and considerately source information from the subject matter experts (humans), use creativity and imagination to ideate, research other human’s ideas and concepts, arrange and present the content in order that works for the environment (filled with humans) to reach a learning outcome (for the humans).

AI can actually be my very own research assistant! A hard-working colleague who loves her job (of course she’s a powerful female) and always has something to say. Because Al and I have different ways of writing, I would never ask her to write for me. That’s my job. So together, we can collaborate and create. My curiosity is peaked and I want to learn more.

As part of my research this morning, I simply wrote in chatGPT: AI and Learning design – and this is part of what she gave me.

By harnessing the power of AI, learning design can become more dynamic, responsive, and student-centred, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of education. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can offer immediate support to learners, answering questions, providing explanations, and guiding them through their learning journey.

However, realizing this potential requires careful attention to ethical considerations, including data privacy, bias, and equity. By harnessing the power of AI responsibly, educators and instructional designers can create more effective, engaging, and inclusive learning experiences for students around the world.

Valid points and well written. Not my style but I wouldn’t plagiarise anyway. I always recycle! In a way, I feel that AI can actually support me as an assistant and a teacher. I would not have considered the potential from a student’s perspective. And there’s awareness of the ethical considerations that’s imperative.

As a passionate, curious and creative learning designer, I see myself working for a very long time to come. I’ve chosen a life of curiosity which means learning for a lifetime and therefore, there’s an opportunity for me to continue sharing my insights for many decades to come.

I’m a bit of a quote fiend, so here’s one from one of my favourite authors, Dr. Seuss:

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

With AI, the possibilities may be endless but one thing remains: humans, and their curiosity, will always be at the forefront to drive change and make a meaningful difference. And, of course, books will live on.


Janine L Phillips

Janine L Phillips is a creative and innovative senior learning designer, dedicated to collaboration, curiosity and engagement. Her expertise lies in experiential blended learning with supportive resources and interactive activities. With 14 years in L&D, Janine was a former General Manager and administrator. She brings business acumen, learning design and employee engagement to the mix. She loves creating experiential learning because she believes learning can be fun.

Janine is a self-published author, launching Wanderlust and Misadventures in 2023. She spends her weekends walking her pooch Foxy, reading and writing books as well as other creative endeavours. She lives by the motto; one devoted person can initiate change. Imagine what we can do united!

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