These days, every business needs technology. It implies that there’s a huge demand for highly talented tech experts. With companies around industries embracing digitisation, virtual teams, and e-commerce, it gives skilled tech workers a range of industries, locations, and workplaces to choose from.

Direct Appliance Rentals CEO Karina Wolfin shares some realisations from her experience in recruiting top tech talent. According to her, “In looking for a career in the tech industry, applicants nowadays look past the big company names. Instead, qualities like diversity, flexibility and generosity, are what the majority of these applicants value. Thus, it’s important to consider such ideas if you want to bring the best applicants and hire skilled tech talent.”

So, what would make your company a desirable place to work for top tech talent? Here are some of the effective ways companies should try.

Put The Passion On

Attracting top tech talent is all about sharing your passion for everything that you do. When an applicant is motivated and thinks they should make the journey for the business rather than simply becoming another employee, they try and do their best for the company. When passion is in place, anything else becomes secondary.

Exemplify Opportunities For Growth

Technology expertise and talent are in demand with the increasing trend of businesses going online. Thus, companies should prioritise professional job advancement prospects and what their innovative culture can offer to tech talent. In addition, they should expand the capacity for the new employee to work with the top technology executives and exchange current client progress experiences that show authentic human influence.

Characterise How You’ll Satisfy The Applicant’s Needs

Hiring managers need to understand the applicants’ needs, desires, and motivators. In doing so, they’ll have a clear perspective on satisfying those needs and leveraging their motivations. In turn, when applicants recognise that you’re willing to meet their needs, then the chances of getting them to join your company would be steep.

Share What Drives Your Company To Success

Even top tech talent would prefer to be a part of a company with a collective purpose that inspires everyone over marginally higher pay or improved benefits. With that, tech company executives must share their own “why”—the motives they believe in and advocate for their company’s purpose. If your commitment is sincere, you can gain trustworthy colleagues rather than just “employees.”

Allow Flexible Working Conditions

For highly skilled tech professionals, flexibility is essential. It is projected that one of the most significant game-changers in the future of employment would be the flexibility to work for different times, places, and conditions. Given these arguments, for companies to attract top tech talent, it’s strongly recommended that they should be open to flexible working conditions. That is, shifting from a work-in-office to blended work culture and flexible work culture.

Make Use Of Client And Employee Testimonials

Finally, it’s good to note that the most influential factor would come from your employees and clients—not from you. Clients’ testimonials about your company’s effectiveness and your employees’ accounts on how they see value in their jobs are critical for attracting top tech talent. Thus, leverage these testimonials and feedback to hiring that next to tech talent to work for you.


Work With Top Tech Talent Through Redwolf + Rosch

Hiring and retaining top tech talent to be assets for your company can be a challenge. However, given the right strategies, nothing is impossible. Put into play the recommendations mentioned above—these are the keys to how your company becomes attractive to top tech talent.

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Author: Jett Hayes

Jett Hayes is a freelance writer based in Sydney with a special interest in content marketing.