Recruitment is a dynamic, expansive, and ever evolving field and it has become quite infamous because of the myths that surround it – many of which are simply untrue. Some of these recruitment myths are brought on by the industry adapting its tactics and processes to the shifting workforce demand and technological advancements in the field. Others are hauled from outdated ways of the past that no longer work in today’s market.

It’s time we uncover the truth behind these recruitment myths because believing in them not only waste companies a lot of time and money – they can also completely derail the hiring process.

Recruitment Myth #1: Selecting Candidates Based Solely On Their Job Skills And Experiences

It’s certainly important to choose a candidate with the right skills and experiences needed to be successful in the role you’re trying to hire for. But those two things shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you’re on the lookout for when it comes to scouting for the best candidates. Another factor you should be considering is whether or not a candidate is a good fit with your company culture. Making the mistake of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit with your company culture typically results in people quitting or needing to be terminated not long after being hired.  This can have a cumulative and negative impact on your employee turnover rate.

Scouting for candidates that are aligned with your company culture could be worked into your hiring strategy by clearly defining your values and culture as a company, and including it in all your job ads and descriptions. This will help attract candidates who fit into your company culture early on in the hiring process and filter out those who are not suitable.

Recruitment Myth #2: Employers Have All The Power In The Recruitment Process

As an employer, it’s easy to believe that you hold all the power in the hiring process. But with the current Australian unemployment rate at just 7.62%, it’s very much a candidate-led market and this allows job seekers to exercise more sway. This could present challenges to employers trying to recruit for open positions with a small pool of applicants to pick from. Aside from the limited amount of candidates, fighting with competitors to attract and retain top talent could mean being more flexible when it comes to offering higher salaries, and making quick and decisive moves once you find the best fit. Offering higher salaries and competitive benefits to help incentivise top talent to make a career move might cost you more when hiring a new employee, but it can save you even more in the long run once you have the best people in your company.

Recruitment Myth #3: Finding The Best Candidates Is All About Well Written Job Descriptions

Well written job descriptions are helpful for attracting the ideal candidates for your job openings… Ideal candidates that are actively looking for a job, that is. Because according to LinkedIn, even though only 15% of people are satisfied with their current positions, only 25% are actively looking for a better one. That means there are a lot of people out there that would love to make the switch if the right opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, these people aren’t actively looking for said opportunity. So while job descriptions definitely work, they only work on people who can see them. And that doesn’t include these “passive candidates.”

So how do you reach these passive job seekers? Recruitment agencies have a better chance of knowing who these people are, how to contact them, and what benefits you can throw their way to help incentivise them into making a career move. 

Recruitment Myth #4: You Have To Handle Recruitment Internally

The recruitment process can be overwhelming, time consuming, and resource-draining; especially when you take on it without the help of professional recruiters. As your company grows, so do the roles that you need to hire for. Because of this, simply working with in-house HR staff might not be enough in ensuring that you get the best talent to fill your open positions. This is where recruitment agencies come in handy. Aside from collecting and assessing CV’s, conducting interviews, and checking references, agencies also have specialist recruitment consultants that are well-informed in specific roles, skills, and industries that in-house recruiters might not always be familiar with.

Recruitment can be filled with misconceptions and uncertainties. But working with an effective recruitment agency in Australia can help you overcome these challenges and better ensure that you hire only the top talents for your open positions.

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