In almost every industry globally, there are countless companies tanking left and right because of the crippling effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. But some companies are able to stay afloat more steadily than others, and then there are those that even manage to thrive during such uncertain times.

For both categories, most companies come from the tech industry. And it should be no surprise seeing as digital technology is in the middle of the #NewNormal’s business and economic development. But this doesn’t mean that these companies aren’t doing their share of planning and adapting. If anyone can survive this, it’s companies that know change forces innovation, tech companies.

Agility and Adaptability

Most tech companies like Apple, Atlassian, Google have seamlessly switched to 100% remote work. This came easy as a significant number of tech workers already work remotely. This also made use of data and experience easy to apply and adapt company-wide. This is a good example of agile leadership in terms of decision-making.

Great decision-making skills equip a company to survive a sudden change in the economic environment. A tech company’s ability to adapt may seem easier because of existing resources; nonetheless, the countless points to consider would’ve been chaotic in the wrong hands.

Hiring Made Better

Now that remote work is the #NewNormal, tech companies will be able to hire experts from around the world. Tech companies are no longer bound by geographical limits. The best hires might even appear during these times. A team can now be composed of different people from around the globe, and be the best team it could be. Thanks to technology, tech companies are getting stronger than ever with remote work.

Organise. Organise. Organise.

Countless organisational resources put us on top of our game. This shouldn’t be an excuse to be complacent. Keeping everything organised and on time lessens everyone’s stress level. It also puts high trust in your company. As a company, you must always keep the trust of employees and partners. The building is only as strong as its foundation. Organise daily or weekly company huddles to keep everyone on track. Organise and ins and outs of new and old clientele. Organise the equal distribution of energy between accounts. An organised system is easy to maneuver, hard to fail. A well-organised digital-only workflow cannot be beaten. How was Apple able to unveil iPhone 12 in the middle of a pandemic? Organisation.

Collaboration Tools

More than ever, company employees need each other to support and work together. The digital-only workflow inspires to create new ways of collaborating, maybe even more effective ways. Atlassian believes that because of digital collaboration tools mean we can access work anywhere, but it also means we’ve managed to learn new tools in collaborating. Not only is it more inclusive than pre-#NewNormal emails, but it also helped a lot of companies evolve digitally.

If your company has managed to survive the roughness that is 2020, you must applaud yourselves and your team.

It’s one thing to adjust, adapt, and consistently plan for what’s ahead, but it’s another to still strive for great output in these uncertain times. A smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor, but let’s hope these storms calm down soon.

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