While it’s true that the pandemic has caused the unemployment rate to be at a record high, lots of companies are actually still hiring. And with the help of technology, job interviews are still being conducted — albeit not IRL.

So how do online interviews differ from in-person ones? And if your resume caught a potential employer’s eye, how should you prepare for the interview that’s being done via Skype or Zoom?

Online Interview Tips

Test your technology (and have a backup plan)

Even those of us who are very adept at using technology can still get a little overwhelmed by it from time to time. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you during your online job interview by getting comfortable with the application or method that the interviewer prefers (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) ahead of time.

Test your tools such as your mic, headphones, and your internet connection before the interview, and always have a backup plan. Whether that’s an extra set of headphones or a backup internet connection, make sure you have a plan B.

Pick the perfect spot

Keep in mind that bad lighting can be just as distracting as a barking dog so pick a space that isn’t too dim but also isn’t painfully bright. If possible, natural light coming from a window is your best bet. Make sure you do this step at least 24 hours before your interview so you have a chance to test them out without having to rush moments before your interview. 

Eliminate distractions

This could mean turning the music off, closing the door and windows, switching your phone on silent, making sure the dog and the kids are attended to, and so on. On your computer, make sure the only tab that’s open is the video platform you’re using and any other necessary information you might need during the online interview. 

The standard dress code still applies

Some suggest you should even go a notch above the company’s dress code. A jacket is a great way to give your outfit that “extra” touch. And while it might seem odd, wearing your shoes during a video interview actually has more of an effect on you than you think.

Adam Sanders, director of Successful Release, an organisation that helps felons find work after reentering society, “It might seem strange to wear your shoes during a videoconference, but it has an important psychological effect on you.” so if you’ve been looking for a reason to wear your shoes in months, this is a great chance for you to finally do so.

Be conscious of your body language

Be extra aware of your nonverbal cues as body language is harder to read on video. Remember to nod and smile as the interviewer speaks, and sit up straight, just as you would during an in-person job interview.

Calm your nerves

If you tend to get nervous during job interviews, try practising your main talking points. Take a deep breath before the interview, remain calm, and remember to slow down. You’re far more likely to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer if you can communicate confidently. And a great way to relieve interview anxiety is by practising potential questions and answers ahead of the interview.

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