If you’re a fresh graduate or switching careers, it can be tough to find a job that requires little to no experience. It’s a paradox at this point: you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. But it’s not entirely true. Here are some useful tips to get a job even when you have no experience.

Apply For Internships

One good way to learn new skills for a job is to apply for internships. Internships give you an inside look at the industry you’re planning to get into. Additionally, it helps you develop vital skills and experience. It can even lead to getting a job offer from the company. Plus, they provide excellent networking opportunities. You can also do volunteer work for additional experience. Volunteer work can also help build up soft skills that are also crucial qualities recruiters look for.

Educate and Upskill

A lot of prestigious universities actually offer free courses online. Add to that a good number of online education websites that also provide free online courses with certificates. Educating yourself is so much easier now. If you have time and want to upskill, consider taking advantage of these courses. Not only will you learn something new that could help you land a job, but it’ll also look great on your CV.

Attend Career Fairs or Expos

Career fairs and expos present ample opportunities for job seekers in their process of looking for work. HR teams of various companies gather to provide information about their company and recruit possible candidates. Here, you can learn about different industries and learn about the process you’ll go through should you apply with them. You’ll also meet potential employers and possibly build up your network.

Career expos also have talks, with recruiters and HR people sharing information about the job search process that would be valuable for job seekers. If there’s a career fair near where you are, make sure to attend it.


Networking has been mentioned earlier, but how will it help you? Networking can help you get a foot in the door of the industry you want to get into. Internships and career expos present opportunities to network, but you can also do it virtually. 

If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure you’ve updated it for a professional look. Then take the time to connect with previous employers or alumni. You can also reconnect with the people you’ve met through any career expos you’ve attended. By doing this, you’re building an online presence whilst making connections.

Focus on the skills you have 

Having no experience for the job you want doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have skills. D some self-assessment to see if the skills and experience you do have can translate well into the job you’re applying for. If you’re a fresh graduate, think back on any campus events you may have joined or organised.

Most likely, you’ve acquired crucial soft skills that HR people and recruiters also consider when looking for a new hire. These include interpersonal skills, organisational skills, and communication skills. Make sure to highlight these on your CV. 

Stepping into the world of careers can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. But as long as you have the initiative and willingness to learn, things will work out. You might not find the perfect job for you right away but always consider every mistake as a learning experience. 

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