For many companies in countless different industries, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in recruitment coming to a complete standstill. On the flip side of that, there are also sectors — essential services and remote-friendly roles in particular — where the pandemic has caused the opposite, which is a fast and high volume rate of hiring. 

Recruitment planning is looking a little more than uncertain because of Covid-19. But it’s not impossible to find your next great hire in the middle of a pandemic. Here are a few tips that can help you navigate through recruitment and hiring during a pandemic.

Adjust your recruitment and onboarding policies

Just because the Coronavirus pandemic has made it quite impossible to be in the same room as a job seeker or a new hire, doesn’t mean you can’t reshape your processes, particularly to be tech-driven and remote. But it’s also important to ensure that everyone is as ready and comfortable as possible with the changes to avoid unnecessary hiccups.

The use of internal communication and courier services can also help in ensuring that job seekers and new recruits alike will still be able to feel welcome. These efforts can also be a great way to remotely demonstrate the culture of your company.

Your next great hire can be made remotely

Video interviews done via Zoom are fast becoming non-negotiable and communicating via email or phone has now become the primary choice for both job seekers and companies. You may be new to hiring remotely, but fret not, because great hires can be made remotely!

Just ensure that you have the right tech and tools to make communication easier and streamlined and a strong remote onboarding process in place. 

Using proper assessment tools and exercises such as skills assessments (e.g. typing, Google Suite tests), simulations (e.g. answering calls, mock presentations), work assignments (e.g. writing exercises), personality and integrity evaluations, cognitive ability tests, and more also have a wide range of benefits. 

Remote work is now the default standard

Currently, there are millions around the world working remotely because of lockdown measures that have been put in place in countless cities. The good thing is that this is proving that most people are just as productive (some, even more so) when they work from the comfort of their own homes. This means that there will be roles that might go remote permanently, and as a company, you will run the risk of missing out on great talent if you can’t adapt.

At the end of the day, the companies that will be best-equipped for remote recruitment will be those who have embraced and mastered the art of working remotely and managing remote teams. Now, more than ever is the best time to consider developing your company’s onboarding and training methods to translate seamlessly into the online world. 

Continue on (or start) your hiring now

If you wait for “all of this to blow over” before you start hiring again, you’ll run the risk of losing valuable time and talent. Until the economy allows more people to go back to work in offices, get right on track with filling roles that you need not only now, but those you’ll need in the future too. 

Demonstrate your resilience as a company by keeping a steady rhythm going and being ever present. Showing your company’s ability to wade through the murky waters that is this pandemic will not only attract job seekers now but for future ones as well. 

Your hiring journey doesn’t have to be put on a halt but with the current state of things, you definitely need to learn to adjust, adapt, and do things differently. 

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