When starting a new job, it’s only natural that you want to be seen as a professional, someone confident and dependable. Even if you’re a newbie and don’t know much about your company, team or expectations, you can still get a good impression with these expert tips.

  • Research

Always do your research about the company you’ll be working at. If you still have some time before you start at your new job, check out their website or social media to get a feel for the work environment.

You can also reach out to your manager and ask them about the appropriate dress code or anything specific that you would need to know to help you out on your first day. Doing so shows that you’re proactive and will leave a great impression on your future teammates. 

  • Confirm your schedule

Even if it’s on the job description, don’t assume you know your work schedule. There may be routines that they follow that you don’t know about, so it’s best to ask ahead of time, like gathering together a few minutes before work or a carpooling situation. Ask what time you’re expected so you can arrive early and impress your boss.


  • Test run everything

Make sure that things will go as smooth as possible when starting your job. When working on-site, test out your commute to avoid being late. If you’re working at home, make sure that the equipment you’re using is in good condition and your internet connection is strong and stable and nobody is about to go into the pit outside your place and start messing around with wires. 


  • Meet with your manager

During your first day, checking in with your manager can benefit you in the long run. According to a study done by Microsoft, new hires who met with their managers on their first week boosted their feeling of belonging and made them stay longer. They also had better meetings and better collaborations compared to those who didn’t have a one-on-one. 


  • Build relationships

As a new hire, introductions and meeting new people will be the standard. You can go over introductions ahead of time virtually or wait until you’ve met with them face to face. Be ready to share information about yourself but don’t go overboard. They don’t need to know about your life story. Limit it to your background and a bit about yourself for a professional first impression. And before you know it, you’ve made new friends!


  • Ask questions and feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Since you’re new, it’s expected of you and encouraged. Naturally, you want to appear confident and capable, but appearances will mean nothing if you fail at a task or cannot do your job. The biggest mistake you can make as a newbie is to assume how to do a job and that asking questions makes you a nuisance. Asking questions will show that you’re willing to learn and make sure that you’re doing your job correctly. Also, don’t forget to ask for feedback for further improvement.


  • Listen and learn

Of course, once you ask questions, be prepared to listen to the answers. If necessary, make written notes so you can refer back to them when you’re lost. Try to take in as much information as you can. Also, learn to pay attention to what is not being said. Learn to pick up on subtext or nuances for more productive workplace communication.


  • Manage your time wisely

It won’t take long before your workload starts to pile up, and you’ll be overwhelmed. That’s why it’s essential to begin creating good time management skills. Start slowly and build up the habit of setting your priorities. This can only benefit you in the long run.


  • Mind your own business

Some newbies make the mistake of involving themselves in office matters that are none of their business. While some work environments are generally peaceful and friendly, some are a tangled web of gossip. Try to avoid them if you can unless someone is doing something unethical or is creating an unsafe working environment.


  • Relax and be positive

it’s normal to feel the first-week jitters when you’re new. But you can set them aside by adopting a positive attitude. Remember, they chose you out of all the other candidates. No need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Just remember to do your work as best you can while still being warm and cordial to your team members.

So push those newbie nerves to the side and do some self-care to calm yourself down. Every day is a learning process. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself making meaningful connections at your workplace and contributing a lot to your work.

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