An internship is a great learning opportunity for a student to learn not only the industry skills needed for the career path you’re taking but also crucial soft skills that will give you an advantage over other fresh graduates who have no prior experience.

Gain Work Experience to Build Up Your Resume

An internship is a prime opportunity to learn skills not only related to your major but also invaluable workplace skills. You learn various skills that could help you in your future career that is aligned with what you are studying in college. But in case you do end up in a different career path than intended, then the workplace skills you have acquired through an internship still puts you at an advantage from an employers point of view. 

Your resume is proof of the knowledge you’ve gained. Listing down your internships as work experience strengthens it. It makes you attractive to future employers and shows your edge amongst the other applicants.


Inside Look at the Industry and Networking Opportunity

Being an intern gives you an introductory look at the industry you’re planning to get into. You get to see the inner workings and a taste of the work environment. No more culture shocks. You will spend less time adjusting and more time to get right into the work itself.

You’ll get to meet industry professionals and other important people in the career you’re planning to take. Networking is not an easy feat especially for a beginner but as an intern, you can start your first steps in building your network.


Possible Job Offer

With all the knowledge and experience you’ve gained while being an intern for a company, you are more likely to be offered a job at the same company once you graduate. 

It benefits both you and the company since you don’t have to spend too much time looking for a job and you can easily assimilate yourself. It also saves the company you’ll be working for time and resources they would have otherwise spent looking for new hires and training them.

A Win-win Situation

An internship is not only a one-sided deal. Yes, you gain a great deal as an intern, but you can bring a lot as well to the company.

As an intern, you bring a fresh new perspective. Since you are basically an outsider looking in,  your outside perspective could prove to be helpful. You can inspire new ideas to implement existing strategies and plans. As a student, you might have learned about recent developments relating to the company you’re an intern at that you can then share with your workplace mentors.

You also help increase productivity for the company. As an intern, you will be likely assigned to smaller tasks, lightening the workload of employees so they can do more important tasks. Not only does the company get to do more in a workday, but you also get to learn the basics at work and eventually master them. And once you venture out and get a job yourself, possibly at the same company or somewhere similar, you become an efficient worker right away.

And being an intern, it is likely that you’ll be mentored by an employee on what to do. You get to witness firsthand what kind of work you could be doing in the future from seasoned workers themselves. Additionally, your presence as an intern is an opportunity for these employees to be mentors and possibly inspire them to be better at their jobs and foster in them leadership skills that could help them move to the top.

Internship programs have numerous benefits for both students and companies alike. It prepares students for their future after they graduate, arming them with a set of skills that are invaluable for their career. Companies, in turn, benefit from the talented energy of the youth by helping them train to be a more capable all-around career person.

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