Like all types of planning in life, career planning is never straightforward. There are various things to consider and potential obstacles waiting at every step of the way. But just like all changes we want to make in our life, we always have to take the first step. And believe it or not, no matter how off-putting you think the idea is, part of that first step is professional networking.

What is Professional Networking?

Networking is when you’re building a network of relationships that are mutually beneficial. Therefore, professional networking is when you’re building professional relationships that are mutually beneficial for all involved professional careers. The people in a network don’t necessarily have to be in the same field, but in other fields too. What’s important is that you can use this network to ask favours and help them in return.

Now that we got that covered, let’s take a look at its benefits and why it plays a significant role in a successful career plan.

Benefits of Professional Networking

Find new opportunities.

First and foremost, professional networking helps you find new opportunities for your career. Not all opportunities are actively advertised. That is why going out and talking to people who know about them is the perfect way to learn about these new opportunities that may be perfect for your career. 

Learn new ideas.

Professional networking is an excellent avenue for sharing and learning new ideas. You are in a room full of like-minded professionals who are experienced in their fields. These are people who may have gone through the same career hurdles as you and may offer their own ideas on how they overcame their own. In the same way, you may strengthen your professional relationships by sharing your own ideas you have learned throughout your career.

Boost your confidence.

Personally, networking creates a positive impact on your confidence. After all, you are talking to people, mingling with them, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships. It’s a task that overall increases your confidence and growth as a person and a professional.

Raise your profile.

Attending professional networking events makes you visible to the professional community. You get to speak with people, share your own ideas, and become a reliable part of their network as they are to yours. This basically builds and raises your profile, making you stand out to potential employers.

Build long-lasting personal relationships.

While your primary goal in professional networking is to build professional relationships, along the way, you may also meet people that you can connect with personally. Keep in mind that some of the longest-standing relationships stem from work. Here, you may find individuals with the same goals and interests as you, paving the way for strong and lasting friendships.

Tips on How to Get Started with Professional Networking

There are plenty of places where you can start professional networking. Some of the common places include:

  • Networking events 
  • Meetup groups ( )
  • Conferences and expos
  • High School and University  alumni clubs
  • Online social media sites for professionals (e.g., LinkedIn)

Before attending any of these events, always prepare first. Establish a goal, so you have a set of directions when you arrive. For instance, who do you want to meet? Are there people you want to be introduced to? Next, don’t forget to whip up an elevator pitch to get the attention of potential connections. Finally, relax and be yourself. Networking is meant to be fun! 

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