There is something I’ve noticed. As a recruitment agency in the digital and tech space, we get many many (many) CVs and applications every week. Hundreds and hundreds in fact.

So how many phone calls do we get per week about those jobs? How many candidates call us after they have applied?

Maybe 10.

What that shows me is that many candidates are applying for jobs and crossing their fingers and toes hoping someone will call them back about it. And sure, that might happen some of the time, but it will take time and sometimes never happens. All you get is an email reply (sometimes nothing).

Here is a little recruiter secret. If we find someone suitable who applied before you then we will start the process with them and there is a chance you miss out. Because let’s face it, going through hundreds of CVs is a time-consuming process and most people only go through enough until they find the few they want.

We want to find the best person for every role but we also want to find them quickly. I posted a role a day ago and already have more than 100 applications. I got about 3 phone-calls about that role. Guess which candidates I’ve spoken with first? Yep, the ones who called me.

One of them wasn’t suitable for that role but was ideal for another role so after the screening and interview process was complete I submitted him to a more suitable opportunity that he would have never known about had he not been proactive and called me up. He now has a shot at a great role that will grow his career.

Another candidate applied for a different position and then kept calling and calling me and finally managed to reach me (between meetings). He was perfect for the role he had applied for and was submitted after the screening and interview process was complete.

Another candidate also did the same thing and she impressed me even further by coming in for an interview 2 hours later!! That kind of attitude and proactivity translated into every facet of her work and it was clear she was a go-getter. She was submitted and the next day she had a client interview. Wow, what a response time.

Now, some candidates will just ‘machine gun’ applications out to everyone and everywhere, hoping something will stick and someone will call them back. Sure that might happen some of the time and you can try your luck that way.

But if you see a job you LOVE and one you think you’d be PERFECT for then I highly encourage you to pick up that phone and give the recruiter or hiring manager a call and let them know you are there. It’s already a great start because it demonstrates you are proactive, you don’t have to tell them. Tick.

A quick note, please always send your CV or click apply BEFORE you call so you don’t waste your call and we can access your experience immediately and if the fit is good we can move quickly.

If you wonder why you are not getting call-backs to positions you’ve applied to that you think you are perfect for, it could just be that some proactive candidate beat you to it. So next time you see that dream job, apply and then pick up the phone and have a chat!!

Good luck and hope this helps.


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