Using job boards, attending job fairs, and asking for referrals are good ways to find your next hire. But if you want to find your next GREAT hire then using a recruitment agency (a great one) is your best bet. The basic purpose of recruitment agencies is to help companies find the perfect people to fill their open positions while also helping job seekers find the most ideal roles for their skills. But many of us don’t realise that they provide some other great benefits as well. Here are some of them:

Better Access To Quality Candidates

Recruitment agencies have access to a wide range of highly skilled job seekers that have been pre-screened and/or referred by a reputable source. The goal for job agencies is always long term and worthwhile employment, so not only will they align you and your company’s needs and values with availability, but with the right abilities as well. 

Save Time

Part of an agency’s role is to collect and assess candidates’ CV’s, filter talented job seekers, check references, and conduct interviews. This is all so companies don’t have to. Consistently working with recruitment agencies also allows them to keep track of and better understand a company’s recruitment needs, which can, in turn, ensure that they hire the most ideal candidates at a timely and cost-effective manner.

Recruitment Agencies Have Knowledge Of Specialist Skills & Industries

Together with a company’s growth, the types of roles you’ll need to hire for will expand as well. This will require special and complex interviews for positions that in-house recruiters might not always be familiar with. This is another area where recruitment agencies come in very handy because they have staff and specialist recruitment consultants for specific industries and roles. Because of their experience in specialist recruitment, they would also be the perfect resource for industry-specific trends, required skills, and salary levels.

The Focus Is Always On Fulfilling The Clients’ Needs

Recruitment agencies don’t get compensated before a successful candidate is placed. And if there is no successful placement, no fee is collected. This means that the focus is always on fulfilling the client’s needs first by ensuring the roles are filled by the best candidates who possess the right skills and are genuinely interested in becoming a part of the company.

Recruitment Agencies Have An Extended Reach

It’s easy to think that all the best candidates for your company’s open positions are actively looking for a job. But that isn’t the case at all. There are those that are referred to as ‘passive talent’, and they reaffirm the saying that the most worthwhile things take time to find. This talent isn’t really looking for a job, and it’s most likely because they are valued and are happy in their current position, which often means they have a lot to offer and contribute to the company. Recruitment agencies have a better chance of knowing who these people are, how to connect with them, and the right ways to incentivise them into making a move. 

Another benefit of working with recruitment agencies that’s worth noting is the simple fact that recruiting people is really what agencies are all about. Finding the best people to match with the most ideal roles in the most prime companies is where our focus and passion lies. With that said, we ensure to maximise not only the number but the quality of candidates we receive as well. We do this by supercharging the hiring process, from writing the most compelling job advertisements, to conducting the most effective interviews to better filter candidates, and more.

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