Looking for a job and getting hired is never uncomplicated. But the Coronavirus pandemic has brought on challenges in the job search process that both employers and candidates have never seen before. As companies move their workforce to remote settings and the number of layoffs and furloughs increase, many job seekers wonder if they should even be sending out applications.

We believe that you shouldn’t stop networking and applying. What you should do? Adapt your approach to fit these uncertain times. Here are a couple of tips to help you navigate through the job search process and get hired during the pandemic.

Research Industries And Companies That Are Actively Hiring

In general, the job market outlook is looking bleak, at least for the moment. But believe it or not, there are still companies and entire industries that are trying to ramp up their hiring. To help with your job search, find out about who these companies are, what skill sets they are looking for, and how you can shift your experience and expertise to meet their needs.

Take Advantage Of  The Current Downtime To Boost Your Skills

Take the current downtime to pick up new skills. Not only will these new skills make your resume look sharp and aid in your job search, you can also highlight them during interviews to show recruiters and employers that you have the ability, eagerness, and motivation to learn new skills. 

Add Remote Work-Friendly Keywords To Your CV, Cover Letter, And LinkedIn Profile

Since many companies have moved their current employees to work from home or remote work schemes, most of them are beginning to recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability to work through these challenges and uncertainties. Many of them are also keen on ensuring that the talents they bring on board in the future are adept and experienced in shifting through these types of unpredictabilities. 

When sending out applications – and even on your Linkedin profile – be sure to include and highlight relevant tech tools that you have experience using, as well as soft skills that come in handy when working remotely such as written communication, time management, and the ability to work autonomously. This will help recruiters and employers know that you’re well equipped to work in #TheNewNormal and can also help take your job search to the next level.

Ace The Video Interview

Interviews have always been nerve-racking. But video interviews can be even more daunting and stressful because it’s more difficult to build rapport and pick up on social cues over Zoom. With that said, it wouldn’t hurt to be overprepared: Dress as you would for an in-person interview (yes, including pants or skirt!), test your audio, framing, and background well before the interview is set to begin, and engage by nodding along and smiling during appropriate times.

Work With A Specialist Recruitment Agency For Your Job Search

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across all aspects of our lives, looking for a job has never been a leisurely walk in the park. By teaming up with a recruitment agency, you can make your job search a little less challenging.

Recruitment agencies work with businesses who are looking to fill up open positions with suitable candidates so not only will they know more about which companies are hiring, they’d also be able to match you with the most ideal job for your skills and experiences. This will help you save time and give you access to more (and better) job opportunities, and even if you don’t get hired for the first potential match, you stay in the recruitment agency’s database for future positions. Lastly, job agencies make money by placing candidates and they don’t earn anything until after a successful hiring process. This motivation can certainly do good for you and your job search.

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