Working green is now the new normal. Sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives in the workplace are more than just a fad and are now highly encouraged. Research shows that doing so brings real business benefits for a company. Here are the advantages of having a sustainable workplace.

Benefits of a sustainable workplace

Improved brand image

Customers are more likely to purchase products or services from a company that considers its impact on the environment. They are more interested in businesses that align with their values. So if they are aware that your company is mindful of its environmental impacts, customers are more inclined to buy your products and services.

Increased productivity and reduce costs

Developing sustainable business practices leads to a streamlined and efficient operation. Your company conserves resources which in turn enhances employee productivity and reduces cost. Having a green workplace is also proven to reduce the average sick days of employees, thus making them more productive. Additionally, employees are more satisfied and are more willing to stay longer in the company.

Easier to comply with regulations

Due to growing concern for the environment and dwindling resources, regulations and laws are being passed to protect the environment. If you’re already practising sustainability in your workplace, then your company is in a position to meet these regulations promptly. It’s a seamless process for a sustainable company, and more time will be spent being productive.

Increase employee recruitment and retention

Future employees will want to associate with a company that is mindful of its carbon footprint, especially the younger generation who grew up exposed to messages about environmental protection and who are more likely to work for a company with values that align with their own. Furthermore, companies that are proactive with their ecological and social programs have happier and more loyal employees.

Improved financial and investment opportunity

Investors also consider a company’s values regarding sustainability and environmental awareness when choosing what to invest in. Financial and investment analysts have found environmental sustainability plans in a company are essential criteria for evaluation. So not only are you reducing costs with energy-saving strategies, but you are also gaining profit by attracting investors who support your company’s cause.

Minimise waste and carbon pollution

And, of course, the main benefit of practising sustainability in the workplace is to minimise the carbon output and improve energy efficiency for the benefit of the planet and future generations.

Ways to become a sustainable workplace

  • Reduce energy and water usage – You can do this by using energy-efficient light bulbs, utilising natural lighting if possible, and encouraging water-saving practices in common areas like kitchens or cafeterias, etc.
  • Choose sustainable suppliers – For office supplies, consider buying items made of recycled or eco-friendly materials. Or better yet, go paperless to reduce the waste produced significantly.
  • Consider parking and transport to your office – Carpooling is an excellent way to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. Plus, it saves you money for gas or commute fare. You can also encourage employees to use other modes of transport like bicycles by offering storage facilities for such.
  • Add plants – Add greenery to your office! According to a study done by psychologists at Exeter University, adding plants to the workplace can boost productivity and mood among workers. Plus, it helps in reducing air and noise pollution indoors, especially if it’s an open-plan workplace.

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