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Staying Positive & Productive During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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The only way you could have avoided getting hit by the doom and gloom brought by the Coronavirus pandemic would be if you lived under a rock. Considering the very real and very daunting challenges the world is currently facing, it’s hard for even the most optimistic people to stay positive. For many of us, our effort to stay on top of the news has left us seemingly unable to focus on anything other than the calamities, tragedies, and disasters that are happening around the globe. After all, it’s all we ever seem to see in the news these days.

It’s obviously important to stay informed, but this doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be bombarded by them from the moment you wake ‘til the moment you sleep. And if you want to be able to stay productive during the Coronavirus pandemic, maintaining some positivity is very important. Here are a few things that can help:

Limit Your News Intake & Reward Yourself  With Some Funny Videos

There are countless news channels, websites, radio shows, and web series that serve piping hot news, round the clock. But in our effort to stay as informed as possible, we need to make sure we don’t end up drowning in all of it, especially since many news headlines these days are negative. You should instead pick a handful of trusted sources to receive your news from, and then decide how much limited time in a day you’d want to spend reading from them. And as you’re consuming content on the internet, make sure you give yourself a break from all the seriousness by watching some funny videos. A little laughter can go a long way, especially during such stressful and uncertain times.

Self Care 

While it’s easy to want to skip on the self-care during a pandemic, it’s actually more important than ever to focus on it. You’ll want to boost your immune system so it can do its job (and provide a tiny bit of peace of mind while it’s at it). You can also take advantage of the extra time you have these days to get some good sleep and exercise in. Read a book, listen to music, anything to help you relax and reduce stress. These activities will not only make you feel better physically but mentally as well.

Connect With Friends &  Loved Ones

Physical distancing has been put in place in many cities all over the world, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t maintain our closeness with our friends and loved ones, nor does it mean you shouldn’t cease the opportunity to reconnect with all those people you said you would if you only had the time (which you do now). And remember, all of us are being affected by the pandemic, some worse than others. Make sure you don’t forget to check in on your friends and family.

Explore & Learn New Skills

While this pandemic has undoubtedly caused many devastating effects, it’s also brought forth something that many of us didn’t really have before — free time. And as appealing as it might be to sit and wallow on all our plans that got cancelled because of the pandemic, it’s better to spend your time on things that you can control and are more worthwhile. Such as learning new skills. Whether it be cooking, a home repair hack, or painting, it wouldn’t hurt to come out of the other side of this pandemic a better version of yourself.

Do An Inventory Of  Your Day

Make sure you close your day, every day, by acknowledging the things you have learned, accomplished, and are grateful for. While it wouldn’t exactly make all the negativity go away, acknowledging these things might help dilute them and remind you that in the midst of all this craziness, there’s still some good to be thankful for.

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Job Interview Tips To Get You Hired (Virtual & In-Person)

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The entire process of job searching can be very nerve-wracking. But one of the most (if not the most) intimidating parts of it is the interview. Getting the chance to get your foot in the door is without a doubt something to be excited about, but when you think about how the interview is your only chance to make a great and lasting impression, it starts to feel more than a little daunting.

Importance of job interviews in the application process

Interviews give you and your potential employer the opportunity to determine and decide if your skills align with the company’s needs, values, and culture. It also allows you to become more familiar with your potential work environment, colleagues, and other information that will ultimately help you decide whether the job is a good fit for you or not.

With that said, showing up to your job interview the right way is of the utmost importance. And while it’s true for both in-person and virtual job interviews, screenings and meetings conducted via Zoom or Skype have become more commonplace because of the Coronavirus pandemic. So we’ve compiled tips to help you ace both your in-person and virtual job interviews.

General job interview tips

Do your research
Not only will doing research about the industry and the company help you better determine whether or not the role would be a good fit for you and your skills, but it will also help you go into the interview with confidence.

Learn about and practice answering common interview questions
Being prepared to answer common interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What makes you interested in the role?” is a great way to effectively (and quickly) communicate who you are and the value that you have to offer the company.

Be prepared with examples of your work
During your interview, you’ll likely be asked about specific work experiences you’ve had that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Reading the job description thoroughly can help ensure that you are able to think of the most fitting examples of work that you’ve done in the past that are worth highlighting.

Dress to impress
This might seem like something that only applies to in-person interviews, but trust us, this applies to virtual ones as well. You don’t have to don a tux or a gown, but dressing professionally will show you’re serious about the position you’re applying for so absolutely no pyjamas, and you definitely need to wear pants!

If you’re going to an in-person interview and you’ve been in contact with the recruiter before you’re set to meet, you can ask about the company’s dress code. If not, you can do your own research about the company to learn what’s appropriate. It also wouldn’t hurt to plan your outfit the night before your interview and to get them ready (and ironed!) for the next day.

Be early
Arriving early for an interview not only helps you get more settled in and relaxed for your interview, it also allows you the time to observe the workplace and your potential coworkers.

And while this also seems like something that only applies to in-person interviews, there’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to be early for your virtual interview as well. Being early will allow you ample time to check that your tools and tech are working properly. Overall, arriving late (or even ‘just in time’) for an interview just isn’t the best idea.

Video job interview tips

Check internet connection and do a test run
And this is something that you shouldn’t just check and test right before your interview, you should be ensuring that your tools, technology, and connectivity are all working the minute you agree to the interview. With that said, you should still check and do a test run of your internet, microphone, camera, and any other tools you’d be using on the day of your interview, just to be sure. 

Set the scene, minimize distractions
The best time to determine which area in the house you’d be having the interview in is when you’re testing your tools and tech. This will help you find the spot with the best lighting, background (tip: a blank wall will ensure you’re the focal point), and the least noise and distractions.

Mind your body language
Just because you and your interviewer aren’t in the same room, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your body language in check. The fact that you’re engaging with someone virtually actually makes it even more important that you pay attention to body language. After all, you couldn’t really do the firm handshake trick on Zoom. So instead, compensate by sitting up straight, maintaining a friendly smile, and ensuring that your camera is at eye-level.

Make a connection, stand out
You’ll never know how many interviews a recruiter conducts in a day and who knows, you might be at the very end of the list. That’s why it’s important to be genuine and positive throughout your interview to allow the recruiter to be more at ease and relate with you. Mentioning relevant common interests can also help break the ice and might also allow the recruiter a bit of break from routine questions and conversations. 

Connecting with people isn’t always easy. And in our #NewNormal, it’s easy to think that having a genuine connection with an interviewer isn’t as important as it was pre-pandemic. When in fact, it’s quite the contrary. It is an integral part of interviews, even virtual ones. You want the interviewer to remember you as a capable and qualified person, rather than just a face on a screen that easily blends in with other job seekers.

We wish you luck! 

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