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Landing A Job In A New City

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When deciding to relocate to a new city, there are plenty of things to think about. Of course, since you’re staying there permanently, getting a job is at the top of your to-do list. 

The reality is, it’s going to be hard looking for a job when you’re not a local. That’s why before letting go of your current job, try and ask your colleagues or managers whether it’s possible to keep it and become a remote worker instead. The best-case scenario is they let you, as long as you can travel to and fro for essential meetings. It’s not an unlikely scenario, though, since remote work has become a trend ever since the COVID-19 health emergency.

Otherwise, here are tips for landing a job when relocating to a new city.

Start doing some homework.

So, you’ve chosen where you’ll be relocating. The first step in landing a job here is to do a bit of research. Are there available jobs in your field?. Look for potential companies you think will benefit from your skills and experience. List the top 5 or 10 that you have in mind and get as much information about them as you can. Follow them on social media, get to know their hiring process, and consider reaching out to their hiring managers for a chance to introduce yourself. The proactive bird gets the worm. 

Update your resume.

Make it clear on your cover letter and resume that you are actively considering work in a new location even if your resume lists your current address. 

Some hiring managers understand it when potential employees take off their addresses from their resumes for privacy reasons. At the same time, it will make it evident that you are not a local in the area. The best way to go about this is to put a local address of a family member, a person you’re staying with, or a place where you will be feasibly staying when you’re done with relocation. 

You can always put your old address, though, but make sure to mention your planned relocation on your cover letter as well as an expected time period of moving (e.g. two weeks needed to move from Melbourne to Sydney) 

Check out recruitment agencies.

Job hunting is a tedious process, especially when you’re new to the area. In this case, it’s best to utilise as many resources as you can. For instance, recruitment agencies like us REDWOLF + ROSCH! Our job is to take the pressure of job hunting off your shoulders. We’ll keep you updated with available job openings from our various partner companies in Australia and give you all the necessary information you need to connect with them. You can get started today by visiting

New city. New network.

A professional network is always a great help when looking for career opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean that your previous network won’t help you in this area. In fact, they may introduce you to someone they know in your new place of residence. You can start from there, or you may also reach out to friends and family in the area. Otherwise, you can explore LinkedIn or your alumni network for potential connections in the new city.

Be prepared to travel for interviews.

A quick trip for an interview may sound costly now, but it is ultimately better than moving without a salary to look forward to for weeks on end. Ultimately, travelling for an interview will be worth it. Bonus if you’ve already planned out the details of your trip back and included them in your cover letters to let recruiters know of your availability.

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Why Going Back To The Office Part-time Might Be A Good Idea

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Remote working or working from home has not only been a trend during the COVID-19 lockdown, but it is also generally mandated by the governments to keep employees safe from the virus. However, it’s an arrangement that is either not sustainable or not as productive for many companies. This is where the Hybrid Workplace model comes into play so let’s discuss why it is a good idea to consider implementing a hybrid workplace in your organisation.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is an arrangement where employees occasionally go back to the office and then complete or continue their tasks at home. Whether they work in the office or at home will depend on their convenience and your organisation’s decision whether who works in the office or at home.

Hybrid workplaces are expected to be how organisations work in the future. That is why many companies have begun their shift to this workplace model arrangement while ensuring that employees maintain their productivity and increase their engagement levels.

Why is a hybrid workplace model a good idea right now?

If we set aside the fact that the hybrid workplace model is the new future, there are still plenty of benefits to why your organisation must start the transition. In fact, here are a few key insights on its advantages:

Reduces Cost of Operations

With fewer employees working in the office, companies don’t need to worry about office spaces, computer units, or keeping the pantry fully stocked. Basically, having fewer office space needs will save companies annual real estate costs and other operational costs required to accommodate the typical number of employees. They can either reduce the size of the office or consolidate different offices into one.

Increases Productivity

The idea of this workplace model makes employees more accountable and responsible for their tasks. A hybrid workplace gives employees fewer chances of getting micromanaged, which means they feel independent and confident in finishing and doing their work. They become more aware of their responsibilities, making them infinitely sincere, accountable, and disciplined than the regular work arrangement of clocking in the office every day.

Increases Cross-Collaboration

This may sound questionable. After all, communication has become challenging ever since the start of the pandemic. But cross-collaboration between teams can increase in a hybrid workplace model mostly because they become more flexible. There is also plenty of software that has emerged in the market to support remote collaboration. Remote employees can continue working without any hassle at home, and when asked to work onsite, they are given a sudden boost of collaboration and overall performance. 

Employee Prioritisation

A hybrid workplace arrangement gives employees financial leeway. This is especially true for those whose addresses are far from the office. It saves employees commuting costs and other costs related to going to the office every day. Some companies even chose to supply their employees with office furniture such as standing desks to support their remote working arrangement further. At the same time, companies can break the monotony of working at home by giving employees the chance to work back in the office part-time, strengthening the bonds between employees and improving morale. 

Have you begun your organisation’s transition to a hybrid workplace yet? 

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2021 Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

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Even as uncertainties still lurk in most industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost half of Australian businesses are optimistic and are increasing headcount in 2021.

Business leaders quickly adjusted to the workplace challenges by implementing flexible or remote work setup, digitisation and digital transformation, and improvement procedures on internal communication. Job seekers need to carefully consider these new workplace policies and procedures that impact salaries and level the competition. They also need to stay informed about salary trends to pick the best career path.

Shane Perry, Max Funding financial expert notes, “Workplace flexibility emerged as one of the topmost company strategies benefitting both the company’s continued operation while allowing employees to work from home during the lockdowns. Most businesses expressed to continue the set-up but with a combination of remote work and at the workplace as the pandemic eases.”

Technology is also pivotal to the operations and advancement of businesses in 2021. Job seekers need to be familiar with communication tools for real-time communication, cloud storage, and file-sharing to access company files anywhere.

The economy went downhill due to the pandemic and only a few sectors remained unaffected. Amidst the challenges, the technology, financial services, and construction industries continued to hire talents and offer higher-paid roles.

On the other hand, workers who have been laid off from their previous jobs have to take advantage of upskills to be prepared for new work arrangements. A more skilled worker would also more likely to get higher pay. To kickstart job applications, aspirants should look into the country’s highest-paid jobs in 2021.

We have listed the top ten highest paying jobs in Australia in 2021, reported by IDP.

As the demand for technology surges, most of the highest paid jobs are in the IT sector. Companies have started to invest in IT solutions for digital products. Construction industries, along with the medical field, also joined the top spots.

1. IT Systems Architect

Average salary: AUD 139,690

2. Engineering Manager

Average salary: AUD 132,350

3. IT Manager

Average salary: AUD 125,660

4. IT Security Architect

Average salary: AUD 124,190

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: AUD 118,820

6. Cloud Engineer

Average salary: AUD 111,590

7. Construction Manager

Average salary: AUD 111,390

8. Wellbeing Manager

Average salary: AUD 110,520

9. Doctor/Physician

Average salary: AUD 103,400

10. Data Scientist

Average salary: AUD 99,510

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